Semalt: Google Analytics Dashboard

Semalt: Google Analytics Dashboard

The Google Analytics plugin for WordPress makes it possible for users to track the site by making use of the latest tracking codes. Also, it helps to view the much-needed Google Analytics statistics with each installation of WordPress, keep away referral spam, and any other type of spam to keep data valid.

Not only it helps with the Google Analytics stats, but there also some benefits for having the GA plugin installed together with the WordPress. For example, it provides an in-depth report concerning the page and posts created, as well as segment all the data used for analytics. Also, it provides detailed reports on how each website post or page has been performing since publication.

Michael Brown, the Semalt Customer Success Manager, states that all WordPress users have to note that the tracking code is fully customizable, and gives users a chance to use hooks and other useful options. Customers can, therefore, collect advanced data such as custom dimensions and events.

Real-Time Stats in Google Analytics

The following are the reports that Google Analytics makes on each of their user dashboards in real time:

The number of visits to the site
The acquisition channels
All the details concerning traffic sources.

Google Analytics Reports

Given below, is a list of all the reports that one needs concerning the website on the dashboard, on each post, on the page screen, and the front-end of the site:

Semalt: Google Analytics Dashboard Statistics on the organic searches, number of page views, sessions created, and bounce rates.
Statistics on the visitor locations, keywords used, referrers, 404 errors.
Statistics on the social networks, traffic channels, mediums for traffic, all search engine analytic results.
Statistics on the device categories, browser used, screen resolutions, operating systems, and the mobile brands.

As an optional feature, one may control and limit who views the reports by setting security parameters, which depend on the role a user plays in an organization.

Google Analytics Tracking

The plugin allows users to install the latest tracking codes with fully customizable options for the entire code. It includes:

Anonymization of the IP address
Enhancing the IP attributes
The Universal Google Analytics code
A sampling rate control for the page speed
Remarketing, and tracking of demographic spread and interests
Monitoring of cross-domain activity
Exclude tracking for some user roles.
Application of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).
Support for E-commerce.

The Google Analytics Dashboard for WordPress allows tracking such events as downloads, telephone, the depth of page scrolling, fragment identifiers, emails, custom event categories, actions and labels, affiliate and outbound links. With it help, one can opt to create custom dimensions to track other things like authors, time of publication (month/year), categories, engagement, or tags.

Semalt: Google Analytics DashboardGoogle Tag Manager Tracking

This feature helps to track the code for Google Tag Manager, data layer variables: authors, time of publication (month/year), categories and user types, additional data layer variables such as the page scrolling depth, exclude user roles, and AMP.

AMP Features

It includes basic tracking for Google Tag Manager, and Analytics, automatic removal of AMP from tracking, depth tracking scrolling, tracking custom dimension, control of user sampling rates, form submissions, downloads, affiliate links, custom events, hash marks, outbound links, telephones, and emails.

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